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It was a short Windycon meeting tonight, which given that it's still July, was probably a good thing.

Next meeting is going to be a good bit more busy. :)


Jun. 20th, 2017 11:36 pm
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We had a useful Windycon meeting tonight. Now, we can sort some things out. :)
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Tonight, I headed down to Wrigley Field and watched the Cubs beat the Padres.

Tuesday night, there is a Windycon meeting.

Wednesday night, Katie has softball practice.

Thursday night, Katie's team has the first game of their playoffs.

Friday night, if Katie's team wins on Thursday, they will play again.



Mar. 24th, 2017 10:37 pm
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We had a Windycon meeting tonight, after which Tracy and I spent some time talking to Gundo about what he'd like to see for Special Events this year. Some progress was made, which was good.
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Tonight was the dress rehearsal for the talent show. It was also the night of the Windycon meeting and, since I needed to talk to Gundo about what he wanted for Special Events, the right thing to do was to go down to the meeting. Sadly, Gundo was sick and not able to make the meeting, so although we talked about a number of things, I probably would have been more useful at the dress rehearsal.

I figured I'd grab dinner at the food court at the mall next door. It had rained all the way down there and was still raining when I went in to eat.

When I came out, it was raining a bit more heavily, but not so badly that I didn't figure I should wait. And about 20 feet out the door, the deluge started. I was getting pretty thoroughly soaked, but at least I kept the book I was reading dry. (One must have priorities.)

As I got to the car and unlocked the door, my phone's alert system announced, "Heavy precipitation detected in your area!"

No, really?

I'd say better late than never, but maybe not so much.
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The con is over. My muscles are sore. :)

But things seemed to go pretty well, although attendance seems to have been down a touch from last year. On the other hand, the hotel room pickup was quite good.

The guests had a good time, as far as I could tell. And Cathy ran a tremendous music program.

Maybe more to say later, maybe not. Work wants me...
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Errands have been run, coffee has been procured.

Now to finish everything else that needs to be done before we head back down to Windycon. :)
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Windycon starts tomorrow officially. Tonight is for setup.

I feel woefully underprepared.

Could we postpone the con for a week? :)
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Post-Worldcon Windycon meeting tonight. Progress was made. :)

I got home and turned the A/C back on to try to drop the temperature and humidity in the house. We'll see how things go...


Jul. 19th, 2016 10:55 pm
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I actually remembered tonight's Windycon meeting and went down there with Bonnie, my number two, in tow. Much useful conversation was had. :)

Now I just need to get various things done.
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I had a Windycon meeting tonight, which meant that Gretchen got to take Katie and Julie to Katie's softball game in NW Chicago tonight.

Tomorrow night, both girls have a softball game. Fortunately, I don't have a Windycon meeting. :)
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There are so many things to work on, but I have the new APBA baseball cards for next season and the draft is coming up. So I spent some time going over them this afternoon and am now much better prepared for our (probable) early April draft.

Death was avoided, but three loads of laundry were washed, which means that we will actually continue to have clean underwear. :)

And I have started work on the taxes, going over the Discover statement and pulling out all of the Dodeka expenses from it. Sadly, the Sam's Club statements can't be retrieved in electronic form, so I'll have to pull them out of the bill drawer and go over them by hand. With any luck, I will shortly find enough money to pay all of the bills that are due on March 1st, including the property taxes and the Cubs tickets. :)

In other news, I had a chance to chat with Gundo about plans for Windycon and I think we've firmed up a plan for Friday night, subject to a couple of things that aren't quite settled yet, so that's good.
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We went over the space allocation for Windycon tonight and came up with a solution that we believe should be satisfactory for everyone involved.

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So how's it going, you ask?

Well, yesterday, I pulled off a minor programming feat at work, learning enough about the JsonWriter and the particular JSON format that the fellow writing the downstream web grid was using that I actually got the data out of my app and into the web grid for display. Given that I had never worked with JSON before (or actually seen this format before late on Wednesday), I count that as a pretty good thing.

Then there's the rest of the news.

The guy was supposed to show up to fix the water heater yesterday. He didn't. He will show up some time this afternoon, which is making a botch of our plans for loading and unloading the van for Windycon. Oh, and I get to drain the water heater myself so that he can get to work on it faster.

Then there is the ISFiC Press book that we were supposed to release at Windycon. It has not arrived from the printer. The person that I was dealing with there stopped replying to email and phone messages after telling me that they might be able to ship us a limited number of books on Friday so we could have them on Saturday. I got hold of someone else there late yesterday and got an email back from the second person saying that they could ship on Saturday; when was our event over.

"Sunday, 2 PM", I replied.

"Then that won't help."


Maya has been very understanding about this, thankfully. I am ready to chew nails and spit tacks.

So anyway, I'm finishing things up before heading off to the con, which includes ripping all of the new CDs to the Dodeka iPod so folks can sample them before making a purchase. All of the CDs except two had their track listings up on Gracenote, which was good.

But the first one that didn't was Barry's new album, The Summers Behind You. And I started ripping the album before entering the album info, which caused iTunes to become very confused. So I submitted the track names to Gracenote, deleted the rip, and ripped it again. And when I finished, I synced everything with the iPod to copy the tracks over. So let's check and see if it's there.

Yup. The Summers Before Us.


I apparently need more sleep.

So I reinserted the album in the CD drive, updated the CD info with the correct album title, submitted it to Gracenote again, and ripped the album again. Then I deleted the incorrectly named copy and synced everything up again.


There is a valuable lesson in this: if you don't want some half-asleep dummy to submit your album name to Gracenote incorrectly, you should remember to rip the album yourself and do it. :)

I think I'll go drain the water heater now...
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We're home from Windycon where I had a good, if somewhat exhausting, time. I had thought about staying for the Dead Dog filk, but we were all pretty dead so getting some dinner and rehydrating at Sweet Tomatoes seemed like a good idea. (I drank five glasses of caffeine-free Diet Coke; then drank three more glasses of water when I got home. I think the hotel was just a bit dry. :) )

I suspect I'll have more to say later.
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And two gentlemen just arrived from Seanan's concert (in progress) and bought the last of her out of print CDs. Someone else just arrived, but was too late.
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Tables are set up and the ISFiC Press release party went well.

Time to go filk. :)
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Vlad brought copies of Harvest Season, the new ISFiC Press book, to the Windycon banquet tonight, which gave me a chance to see one.

It is a great relief to actually hold one in my hands. :)
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Katie has been driving the household mad on the subject of her upcoming birthday party. Normally, since her birthday is Monday, we'd try to have the party this weekend, but since that's Windycon, we'll be having the party the weekend after her birthday. After much dithering and discussion, we're going to have the party at one of the local bowling alleys.

I am sure at least some pins will be knocked down. If the gutter bumpers are raised (as I expect they will be), more pins will fall. :)
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The freight company tracking system says 1000+ copies of Harvest Season will arrive tomorrow.

I will be greatly relieved when this actually occurs.

Ok, I'm greatly relieved now. I'm just looking for complete relief. :)


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