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My Ingress inventory is full of too many weapons, so it was time to find somewhere useful to use some of them. I took a look at the map, found three likely froggy portals, and headed off after finishing lunch.

My inventory is now 50 units lighter, the portals -- two of which I had never visited before -- were captured, and a bunch of fields were knocked down.

All in all, a good half-hour's work. :)


Jun. 8th, 2016 10:29 pm
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Yesterday, I picked up my Onyx Sojourner badge, having hacked a portal daily for 360 consecutive days. The biggest challenge there was at FilkONtario when I was at a hotel with no portal and had a phone with no data access. Fortunately, the Montana restaurant across the parking lot had both free Wi-fi and a portal, which meant they got a lot of my business. :)

Today, I added a Silver Explorer badge, which is not nearly so impressive, but which indicates that I've hacked 1000 different portals. This was most recently on the back of our trip to Balticon, which managed to add about 70 or 80 portals to my previous total and put me close enough that I was able to make it with the three new portals I hacked tonight while Gretchen drove us to dinner after Katie's softball game.

Which Katie's team won, 3-0, with Katie scoring two out of the three runs. Run, Katie, run!
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I am ordering pizza for dinner shortly.

I am also looking at the green Ingress fields nearby that I could hit on the way to pick up the pizza. I only need 46K AP to make level 11. I could just about do that...
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We had a late dinner with some of our business partners tonight, which meant that I ended up leaving the Loop pretty late. I had originally intended to take the El back out to the suburbs and have Gretchen pick me up, but after looking at the time and the fact that I had spaced a bit of the Loop El architecture, I decided it was just as well to hoof it the rest of the distance to the Metra station and take the train back to my car, allowing everyone to get to bed a bit earlier.

And being on a local meant there were opportunities for Traingressing that aren't usually available to me, so I now have a number of newly visited and captured portals along the route, despite the best efforts of speed locks built into the game. Mostly because the train stopped at every station, but still... :)
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So after our boss flew into town to spend some time meeting with us, he ended up in phone calls with people back on the West Coast for essentially the whole day. I went down to the Loop where I did manage to sort out a few bugs with my coworkers and got to be in a conference call with India.

I am reminded of how much shorter my commute usually is. :)

Over lunch, I took advantage of drift to firebomb a bunch of froggie portals as my cursor flew around over the River North area. Hey, it's AP...
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It was a beautiful, clear, and relatively warm December day today. While Katie was at a cookie party at a friend's house and Julie was playing Minecraft, I took advantage of the opportunity to head out and play some Ingress, heading to a local park and blowing up the little froggie fields there that were getting in my way. Then I picked up Katie from her friend's house, delaying to have a nice discussion of football and comic books with her friend's father, the latter prompted by my seeing a copy of BackIssue sitting on a chair, this being a magazine that only serious comic geeks read. :)

After dinner, we went out to look at Christmas lights. We went first to the display in central Arlington Heights where I did a bit more Ingressing, throwing the last field necessary for silver Mind Controller, then glyph hacking just enough to grab the gold badge for the latter. And the lights were very pretty.

Then we went prospecting for more pretty lights in the nearby neighborhoods. Much to our surprise, we tripped over an animated display with FM radio accompaniment on Haddow just a little south of Euclid. This was the first time we'd run into this sort of coordinated display and we enjoyed it a lot.

But eventually, it was time to head home. :)
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In this case, I've pushed a couple of loads of laundry into the washer. I've also taken some more things to the basement and put them away, including mics and cables from Katie's karaoke birthday party and a round of fall-themed decorations.

We had planned to make another assault on the boxes in the garage today, but Gretchen had errands to run. Katie and Julie were playing at a friend's house, so I took advantage of the opportunity to make level 10 at Ingress.

And now, I'll go look at some boxes. :)
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We're getting less accomplished around the house than we might hope, but progress is being made. Christmas decorations are going up all over, the major ones for today being the installation of inflatable Olaf and Minion Dave in the front yard along with a string of large decorative lawn stake bulbs to mark them off.

Katie's last dance class for the year was today. Had we known, we would have gone to watch, but we didn't. *sigh* She is probably going to drop the dance class in favor of being able to play spring softball, because the scheduling is completely incompatible.

While Katie was at dance class, I spent an hour out playing Ingress. I have closed to within 30K AP of level 10 and have 6000 MU of active fields which may make it to checkpoint. The latter is pretty much unheard of in this neighborhood -- I think that the high-level player on the other side is either out of town or taking time off. (I can't say that I'd blame him on the latter -- I think his phone was constantly on to ping him with attack alerts. That would make me insane in short order.)

The weather today was sunny and near 50 degrees, which is bonus material for December. We took advantage of it by grilling tonight which got some more stuff out of the freezer. :) Tomorrow, it's leftover pizza as we clear some more stuff out of the fridge; last night was turkey pot pie, which pretty much finished off the Thanksgiving turkey.

I have a goal of eating the contents of the freezer. We'll never quite achieve it, but maybe we can thin it out a bit...
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I got up early this morning to take Katie off to the meeting point for the planned trip to the Museum of Science and Industry.

They didn't go, deciding that the six inches of slush on the roads already was a fine reason not to try to drive to the south side of Chicago. Instead, they spent half a day working on decorations for the troop's Christmas tree.

I headed off to pick up coffee and soda, making stops at several local parks, a church, and the local fire station as I knocked down and built a bunch of fields while Cargressing in the snow. When I got home, our neighbor was clearing the slush off the driveway and I decided it would probably be wise to do the same. It was a mess.

The trip having been canceled, we needed to pick up Katie at noon, which meant that we would have time for lunch before Julie went to a friend's birthday party. This was about the time that the snow picked up again, no longer slush, but a much finer yet still heavy powder. So we ended up getting lunch at "The Bacon Place", the nearby pancake house which the girls like a lot. Then we dropped Julie off at the party and I ran to Sam's Club where Gretchen filled up her tank and I picked up several things that we needed, including ground beef for meatloaf for dinner.

By about three o'clock, the snow had wound down to the point where I went out and shoveled another six inches of snow off the driveway and sidewalk, now regretting the fact that I hadn't bought fresh gas for the snowblower. I figured I'd shovel under the van when Gretchen went to pick up Julie, but by the time she did, the shoveled driveway was starting to get slick, so I decided that patch of snow could stay there for a while.

It's supposed to melt later this week anyway...
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We had hot water this morning. It was a happy thing.

[ profile] daisy_knotwise had a hair appointment this afternoon, so I picked up the girls from school. Report cards came today and the happy results should make for an easy meeting with the teachers on Monday. (There are a couple of things I want to ask about, but it mostly is my commentary on Katie's occasional anxiety attacks over homework. Either she isn't paying attention to the explanation of the assignment or she's not understanding it, so I want to see what's needed to fix it.)

When Gretchen got home, I ran over to the park and spent an hour playing Ingress, because I had so many weapons in inventory that it had become imperative to burn some off. I rolled up 143K AP in an hour, largely due to the 2x multiplier for experience that's in effect right now. So I'm over halfway to level 10, which won't improve my medal position, but is always nice. :)

I left the park just as the snow started to fall. And it fell. And it fell.

Katie and Julie have already built ginormous snowmen, with a little bit of lifting help from me. This is tremendous packing snow.

I am so not looking forward to (carefully) shoveling it tomorrow.
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I took Julie to her tumbling class tonight and rolled up about 40K AP in Ingress while she was there, which puts me within striking distance of level 9. We'll see how long it takes to actually arrive there...

Although she was reluctant about going to class, Julie was really happy about the class when it was over. This is being a recurring feature of the class.

Me? I'm just confused by all this.
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I needed to get out and get some exercise, so I spent a couple of hours walking around the local park and ran up 125K AP, which was pretty good.

Not as good as the members of my team who threw a field tonight that covered almost all of Illinois and a large chunk of Missouri, but... :)
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Went out on an Ingress op tonight with an old friend of mine from the U of I that I haven't seen in many years. It was fun, if not necessarily productive.
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The local Enlightenment team (read "frogs") have a park about a mile from my home where they like to establish a farm for gear. As the newest level 8 Resistance agent in the area, I am now on the list of people who get asked to make it go away. :)

I hit it today on the way to lunch, so the timing doesn't quite work, but...

Dimucci Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet green icing flowing down.
Firing off my bursters like the rain
And I think I'm going to take it
And they took so long to make it
And I know they'll have this recipe again.
Oh, no!

Hey, another day, another 40K AP... :)
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Hearing that I was a bit short on gear, Peter Heltzer invited me up to an Ingress farming session in Vernon Hills. I brought Katie and Julie along and they had a fine time playing with the Heltzer boys (for the most part -- any interaction between young children is subject to sudden change :) ). And I have a great deal more gear.

We grilled steaks and had them with baked potatoes and sweet corn for dinner to celebrate the end of summer vacation. Then we went out to Dairy Queen for the same reason and I used some of the newly acquired gear to take out a portal next door...

Now, we are trying to get little girls to bed. And finish packing everything up. Foolishly, I thought I could get all of the files in the office into four bankers boxes. This might have worked, except the large filing cabinet is full of legal-sized files.

Ah, well. There are more boxes in the basement...
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Due to a bad scheduling confluence, I ended up planning to go to both tonight's Cubs/Tigers game and tomorrow's Cubs/Braves game. Sadly, I couldn't find anyone to go to the game with tonight. This turned out to be just as well, as I left with the Cubs trailing by four runs in the bottom of the fifth when the Tigers starter went down with an injury. The replacement pitcher was going to be given as long as he needed to warm up and it was already nearly 9 PM.

I was really tired and I figured that it would be just as well to go home and put the girls to bed and try again tomorrow night.

Given that the Cubs lost 15-8, I think this was a good decision.

However, I did score 50K AP in Ingress on the way to and from the ballpark. And I created the largest field that I'd ever created linking off Ernie's statue. And I upgraded my first portal to P8.

That last means that I finally made it to Level 8 a couple of days ago. :)
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I've made much less progress in my second month of Ingress than I did in the first. I've walked much less and rolled up fewer AP, partly due to the weather and partly due to work.

But I did get to the park this afternoon where I racked up 20K AP in 20 minutes.

At that rate, it's another four and a half hours to level 8.

And I do need the exercise. :)
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So I stopped on the way to the Capricon meeting today and spent fifteen minutes or so running a simple Ingress mission in a nearby park. As it happened, when I finished, I discovered that I still had portal keys to the pool a couple of blocks away on the other side of the street from when I watched Katie and Julie at their swimming lessons there, so I tossed enough small fields to push myself over 800K, which puts me a third of the way to level 8, which is when you get the biggest and best toys to play with.

I called [ profile] tollers on the way to the meeting to see if she had anything to report. (Answer: no. We're in the slow part of the filk cycle for Cap.) So we did a bit of Ingress chatting. And after the meeting, I got to talk to a couple more folks on the Cap committee who are playing Ingress and compare notes.

If the weather weren't so abominably hot, I'd take Katie out to do some hacking, but I think this will wait until it's at least a bit cooler.
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Katie didn't want to go to bed last night, so we told her to go ahead and stay downstairs and watch TV if that was what she wanted to do. She claims that she spent the whole night awake.

We then proceeded to demonstrate that staying up all night was its own punishment, as we told her that she could not go to bed at 10 AM; instead, she needed to come out to lunch with us. The sulk was tremendous.

I think she caught a nap after lunch while I went to the park to play Ingress. I ran up 100K AP and made it to level 7. Level 8 will be much harder to reach. :) It was warm and humid enough that I was really pretty much ready to sit for a while when I got home. This worked well, as it gave [ profile] daisy_knotwise a chance to go out and do some shopping that she wanted to do while I drank a lot to rehydrate.

(The good news is that I've walked over 50 km this month playing Ingress, which is a good 50 km more than I would have been likely to have walked otherwise.)

When Gretchen got home, I suggested that we go to the pool to cool off and so we did. A good time was had by all, although getting the girls to leave was a bit of a challenge...

And now the girls have gone to bed.

Katie is out like a light. :)
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[ profile] daisy_knotwise has strep again. Dr. Bob was good enough to call in a prescription yesterday for a Z-Pak in an attempt to knock the thing out and Gretchen is slowly starting to improve after having spent most of the last day and a half in her recliner chair. In any case, she is very tired of having strep.

The upshot of this was that I volunteered to take Katie and Julie to their swimming lesson this morning. Since the temperature outside was 59 degrees, I was not greatly surprised to arrive at a pool that was thoroughly closed and locked shut. Thus, we came home and little girls fell into a Minecraft frenzy.

Later, I ran out to McDonald's to pick up lunch for Gretchen, Katie, and Julie; then on to Five Guys and a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up some replacement switch covers. Had I but realized that I would be going there again today...

The guy arrived to look at the attic fan that we'd had installed a few years ago and pronounced it most likely dead. Although it's under warranty, the process of getting the warranty honored is going to cost far more in stomach lining than it's worth. Also, the guy is coming back tomorrow to install a replacement fan, so it's important to actually have the fan when he gets here.

Well, I'd gotten the original at Home Depot. I could certainly get another one. So after consulting with Gretchen, we piled into the van and started north to Home Depot, intending to continue on to Old Country Buffet for dinner where I could bring Gretchen soup and things like that.

The plan collapsed about three minutes after we left home when Gretchen suddenly realized that Julie had tumbling tonight. There was just enough time to go to Home Depot and get the fan. Then I dropped off Katie and Gretchen and took Julie to her tumbling class.

And while she was tumbling, I walked around the park playing Ingress and racked up another 40K AP, which puts me over halfway to level 7. Afterwards, I picked up the rest of the family and we went over to Sweet Baby Ray's for dinner.

Now, it is finally time for bed. :)


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