Feb. 12th, 2017

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Today was the first of the two evaluation sessions for girls' softball. We figured best to go now and get things out of the way.

Before lunch, while we were waiting to get everyone into the van, I spent some time throwing the ball with Katie and then with Julie, it being a decently warm and sunny day. Then we piled into the van, grabbed lunch, and proceeded to the evaluations.

Katie and Julie did reasonably well. They both still need to do a lot of work on pitching, but that's not a great surprise.

Late in the afternoon, after they got back from a friend's house, we went out in the field behind the house -- much to Ruby's distress! -- and I pitched a bit of batting practice. It was really getting too cold for that with the wind though and we wrapped it up when Julie hit quite a stinger and decided that hurt more than enough.

But it's a start!


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