Feb. 6th, 2017

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It turns out that getting to San Jose is only the beginning of the problem. You must then avoid getting lost while there.

I failed to print out directions to the office before leaving home. This eventually resulted in my pulling over in a parking space and enabling voice instructions from Google Maps on my phone to the great detriment of the battery.

We printed out mostly correct directions to the hotel before I left work, but then I decided to head out to find some food after checking in. And I missed a turn. Oops.

There wasn't enough charge in the phone to risk Google Maps again, but dead reckoning eventually got me to the restaurant. After dinner, I headed back to the hotel.

And missed a turn. And wound up back at the airport.

Stop laughing.

One more missed turn later, I finally got back to the hotel.

I think daylight will help tomorrow.

I hope.


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