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And now I think it's done. I guess staying up late was worth it. :)

I am going to mail this off now and call it quits.


Aug. 4th, 2017 02:26 pm
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I have taken today as a vacation day and am making progress on moving the financial paperwork for ISFiC Press. Unfortunately, one of the websites I need to get into isn't letting me, so I have sent off an appropriate e-mail and am now pretty much ready to abandon ship here and go over to Musecon.

See some of you there!
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See, they sold my bank.

This happens to us periodically. This is the bank where Gretchen used to work. The original parent bank sold off the suburban branches to a bank from downstate after a management shakeup. Then they got into trouble and sold themselves to a bank from California and Missouri who figured that penetrating the Chicago market would be a piece of cake. When that didn't work out for them, they sold the Chicago area branches to a bank from Ohio who figured that penetrating the Chicago market would be a piece of cake. (Still wasn't, but at least they tried advertising.) So now, that bank has sold all of itself to a different Ohio bank.

The changeover to the new online banking system will be next weekend while we're at Capricon. It is also just about the time of year when I make sure that I've downloaded all of the banking info for Dodeka and ISFiC Press so that I can work through the taxes.

So I downloaded all of that today and printed out all of the check images so that I have them safely on my computer.

I also went to StubHub and put together a big spreadsheet so I could figure out what I made from selling Cubs tickets last season. This has never been a problem before, because the only question would be how much money I had lost on my Cubs tickets, with the losses being (sadly) not deductible. Gains, on the other hand...

Having done all that, I thought about the issue of having all of this data "safely" on my computer. And I looked at the NAS sitting on my desk that should hold my backup.

Why is that not powered on?

So I powered it on.

And apparently, the backup that I started when I got the NAS had never finished.

It is running now. When that is done, I will back up all of the music on the Dodeka side of the machine.

This will take a while... :)


Aug. 10th, 2016 11:46 pm
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I think the ISFiC Press financials are finally done. I now need to write a bunch of checks, but that can wait until tomorrow. :)
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It is bad when you are checking your work e-mail to get a break from working on the ISFiC Press financials.
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I am trying valiantly to finish the ISFiC Press financials. I am now scanning through e-mail, looking for messages about various shipments of books.

If I had categorized this mess as it came in, I would have been far better off. Deleting a bunch of them way back when would have been good too...



Aug. 4th, 2016 11:35 pm
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I fixed a bunch of little things at work today. This is good, because I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow. First, I work on ISFiC Press financials. Then I head off for Musecon.

See some of you there!
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There are now something over a thousand copies of Velveteen vs. The Seasons in my garage. :)


Mar. 6th, 2016 06:42 pm
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I think Velveteen vs. The Seasons is ready to go to the printer.

If I still think that in the morning, it'll go. :)
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I have dug through the credit card statements and found everything that I need to be reimbursed for by Dodeka so that we can write me a check so that I can pay the property taxes on March 1st. I've also dug up various bits of money from other reimbursements and such to help pay for the Cubs season tickets that are on the credit card.


And getting all of the receipts in order is an important part of getting ready to file our tax return, which should generate a refund, which should help get the finances back onto an even keel.

Which I'll do just as soon as I get done laying out the jacket for the third Velveteen volume. It must be time to write the blurb for the front flap... :)
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Laid out the new book today and learned a couple of new things about InDesign in the process. I still need to do the jacket, but...

And I started giving the new APBA cards a serious once over. Pitchers and catchers have reported, so it's almost time for the annual draft. :)
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I have filed the Illinois State Sales Tax return for ISFiC. Hallelujah.
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The ISFiC Press book for this year's Windycon is at the printer. And there was much rejoicing!

Although they dropped the first game of today's double-header against the Pirates, the Cardinals won the second game and have dropped their magic number to zero, clinching both the NL Central division and the best record in the majors.

There was also much rejoicing about this. :)
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Barring someone finding something that I missed -- always a possibility! -- the interior layout for Maya's book is now done.

That just leaves the dust jacket and the text for the cloth cover.

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I have spent all day going over it, but I have essentially finished laying out the text for Maya's upcoming ISFiC Press book.

Jacket and spine are next...
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I finally finished the ISFiC Press financials some time after 2 AM last night and forwarded them on to Tom so that he can file our taxes. And there was much rejoicing.

Earlier in the day, I engaged in some general frustration relief before dinner and went over to the nearby park and started beating up enemy portals in Ingress. I walked about four kilometers and did a good bit of damage. And I made it up to level 5. :)

Meanwhile, back on the home renovation front, we had the lighting in the kitchen redone, removing the fluorescent ceiling fixture that [ profile] daisy_knotwise had long referred to as a display case for dead bugs and replacing it with an island light with four pendants and four LED cans on the side of the kitchen nearest the stove. I put four 60W equivalent Cree soft white bulbs into the island light and declared victory.

Except that the LED cans also had Cree bulbs in them, but they were very nice LED inserts from their TW series, which have a CRI of 93 instead of 80. 100 is sunlight equivalent for color reproduction. 80 is decent, but pretty yellow.

I went poking around on the Home Depot website and discovered that they were clearing out six-packs of the 60W TW series bulbs for $42.22, which is more expensive than your standard LED bulb, but a darned good price for the TW series. So I ordered a six-pack.

The next day, I found a message in my spam bucket that Home Depot had canceled the order with no explanation. So I called them up and got someone who had no idea what was going on. He said that the bulbs were no longer in stock, they couldn't deliver them, and that he was really sorry and couldn't explain why my order had been canceled with no explanation. In fact, you couldn't even get to the canceled order from the website -- the link would fail.

While I was on the phone with him, I pulled out my cellphone and ordered another six-pack of bulbs from the website, this time asking for the bulbs to be shipped to store instead of shipped to home.

And I got a shipping notice earlier this week. So I ordered two more six-packs of TW bulbs.

I picked up the first of the orders today at the local service desk. (Which was being slow beyond all belief.) Yes, that's six Cree TW bulbs, curiously enough in individual packaging in a tray that would normally have held many more bulbs. Ok. They were still the right bulbs.

So I took them home and installed them in the island light.

The light in the kitchen is very good now.

I think I'll put some of the next set of bulbs in the studio...
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I am still working on the ISFiC Press books, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I think that it is not a train.
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Choose one.

More seriously, I am trying to close out the ISFiC Press books for 2014 so that Tom can file our tax return.

I can think of about a billion things that are more fun.

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Vlad escaped from work early enough to be able to bring me a box of Harvest Season. This way, I can deliver copies to Larry and Sally at Thing this weekend so that they'll have it back in stock.

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We've noticed that our washer has occasionally seemed to leak some water. [ profile] daisy_knotwise has assumed this was a result of a too-heavy load backing up the drain hose, which was plausible.

I went downstairs tonight to transfer laundry from the washer to the dryer and discovered that we'd stopped at the beginning of the rinse cycle due to an unbalanced load. I also noticed that there seemed to be a small amount of water on the floor. Well, that didn't look promising, but it could have been from some previous load, so let's just adjust the load and let it finish.

And then I headed off to the studio, where I did a remix on "Teaching Song" for The Grim Roper. This was the only progress that I made on the album over the weekend, because we had a SpaceTime Theater rehearsal and I spent much of the weekend proofreading the Harvest Season e-book so we can get it released for ISFiC Press (How many hyphens at the end of a line can be dropped? How many spaces can be left out? Stay tuned!). That took long enough that I could hear that the spin cycle was done, so back to the laundry room.

Where there was a lot of water on the floor. I moved the two items that might take damage from the water before it dried out and then proceeded to investigate. The drain hose had not leaked, because there was no sign of water there. The intake hoses had not leaked. So pretty much the water had to be coming out the bottom of the washer, which certainly fit the pattern that I was seeing on the floor.

Off to Google. There are a number of things that might have failed inside the washer, all of which were likely to be difficult for me to replace, all of which were likely to cost me a substantial amount of money if I called a repairman. And it's not like I have time to disassemble a washer, nor can we really go very long without one here. Yes, I suppose the laundromat is an alternative, but not a good one.

And the current washer is 20 years old.

I think it's time for the washer to go.

I have located a washer from one of the local appliance stores online and have determined that it could be delivered Tuesday. I've also measured the doors to make sure that it will fit through them. (It will.)

The only hold up at this point is that I was (in theory) able to qualify for a 10% discount on the purchase by signing Gretchen up for their e-mail list. (I'm already on it.) So she is signed up for the list and I am waiting for the e-mail to arrive either on her machine or in the Spam bucket.

This is not catastrophic, because I can afford to pay for a new washer.

It is, however, pretty annoying.



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