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The good news is that Katie's team won their next-to-last game of the regular softball season today by a final of 2-0. It was mightily hot when the game started; not a whole lot cooler when we finished, but the sun was down and there was a breeze.

The bad news is that the air conditioning at home failed today while I was at the softball game. We have a call in to our A/C guy; I hope we hear from him in the morning. I am sure that he has a million other calls right now.

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Ever since this summer's great round of renovations, Gretchen's van has been parked in the driveway. As the weather turns toward winter and finds more and more interesting things to throw at us, this becomes less and less tenable. We have had a sleet storm. We have had snow. Even frost is a problem when you're hurrying to get Katie and Julie off to school.

Tonight, the temperature is forecast to drop to zero degrees. Accordingly, I suggested to Gretchen that we implement her idea for getting her van back in the garage now:

  • Sort out the mess in the library and throw out any empty boxes.
  • Move the remaining boxes that are in the garage into the library where they can be sorted out somewhere warm.
  • Put the broken down empty boxes in my trunk so I can give them to Vlad for his upcoming move at the next Windycon meeting.
  • Put whatever is left in the garage back more or less where it belongs.

    This took longer than I anticipated (most things do). But when we finished, Gretchen was able to park in the garage again.

    And so was I. :)

    This meant that I didn't get anything else accomplished today, but I think I'll count this as a win.

    A big win.

    Especially tomorrow morning. :)
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    We had a SpaceTime Theater rehearsal today for the reading at Windycon next weekend. It went pretty well and I think we've sorted out most of the sound effects, which is good. :)

    After the rehearsal, [ profile] samwinolj and Jerry were good enough to help me unpack the remaining books into the library. The garage is nowhere near empty and yet much emptier. Then [ profile] daisy_knotwise made superburger for dinner for the lot of us. Katie and Julie, not knowing what they are missing, had Lunchables instead. *sigh*

    I spent some time later in the evening beating up the old laptop to see if there is anything that can be done to make it run faster. The answer appears to be "not a lot", but I cleaned out such cruft as I could find.

    So that Julie could take a bath, I went down and lit the water heater (second time today; first was to do a load of dishes in the dishwasher). While she was doing that, I pulled out the P-touch label maker and carefully relabeled all of the many buttons on the X-Touch so that they corresponded to the Cubase usage of them. This makes it much easier to use.

    And then, before coming upstairs to go to bed, I lit the water heater again (third time today!) so that there will be hot water for showers in the morning. *sheesh*

    Just now, I've set up e-mail on my phone for work, because the company that was providing synchronization services for us appears to have abruptly gone out of business. So their software goes out and the stock Android experience goes back in. I managed to figure out how to do all of this despite a set of instructions from the company that seemed much better designed for some version of Android earlier than Marshmallow. But I'm developing some experience with these things... :)
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    So [ profile] samwinolj and Bonnie came over yesterday. Sam spent some time helping me get the router and router table set up in my garage and between us we managed to get six bookcases adjusted. That left two.

    Now Sam had spent most of the time operating the router -- I had been busy pegging shelves and putting things back together. This meant that it took me a bit (and a phone call to Sam) to make sure I knew what I was doing. But before too long, [ profile] daisy_knotwise and I had finished the last two bookcases.

    Soon, we will actually put things on them. And we will be closer to the end of our long national nightmare. :)

    In honor of the end of Daylight Savings Time today, we pulled out some steaks from the freezer and grilled.

    In the dark. Which is how I'll be doing my grilling for months. And months. And months.

    Well, until we get enough snow that I can't get to the grill...


    Oct. 3rd, 2015 10:55 pm
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    I have rescued the family room shelves that the girls' toys go on. Gretchen has cleaned them off and they are now repositioned where they belong.

    I suppose that means I should find the boxes of toys...
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    That is to say, the last of the curtains that were hanging when this renovation project started are now hung again. The yellow bedroom is still without curtains, but it started that way.

    Also, the first piece of wall-hanging art is hanging again, that being a round painted mirror that hangs between the walk-in closets in the bedroom. It was wrapped and sitting in a basket that got moved when we were putting up the bedroom curtains. Gretchen asked me if I wanted to hang it and handed me the bins full of picture hangers that we'd extracted from the wall when the project started. A few taps of the hanger and the mirror is back on the wall.

    Looks good there too!
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    As I've been intending to do for several days (and as Gretchen reminded me to do this morning over breakfast), I have now removed my guitar from its case and placed it back on the stand next to my desk. As it happens, I'm doing some long compiles...
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    Gretchen and I did a little work on my side of the garage this afternoon; Gretchen and Katie did some more while I was at tumbling class with Julie blowing up green portals.

    The result of this is that I am able to park my car in the garage again.

    It will be a bit longer before Gretchen's car gets back in the garage...
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    Recently while we were driving around in the car, I decided I wanted to listen to some Jim Croce, so I pulled out my phone and told it to find my Jim Croce collection.

    It wasn't there.

    Ok, how did I miss ripping my two CD Jim Croce set into the computer? I don't know, but Gretchen found it and things finally settled down enough that I was able to rip it and transfer it to the phone. This meant that while I was distracting Katie with computer games this evening, Jim Croce could be playing in the background on the computer speakers.

    And that was a happy thing.

    In other news, Gretchen and I unpacked seven boxes into the bookcases in the living room tonight. And a box of DVDs into the family room. And I think a couple of other scattered boxes...
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    If I unpack a box from the garage every day, we will be able to park both cars in the garage before it snows.

    Unless it snows really early...
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    Heavy clay-coated stock is even heavier going up the stairs than it was going down.


    Sep. 1st, 2015 10:49 pm
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    Unpacking will commence in earnest tomorrow.

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    It's done.

    At the suggestion of the flooring guy, we sent two chairs with carpet casters down to the basement where they could roll around on carpet and not scratch up the floor. Then we brought up the old This End Up love seat to put in front of the window, as Gretchen and I had been discussing the reasonableness of getting a love seat to put there and the fact that we owned one and had someone to move it seemed like a reasonable indicator that we should take a run at it.

    Julie was way less than pleased by this development, as she is tired of changes to the house. I think she has finally decided to accept it as a fait accompli, but this does not mean she is happy about it.

    In any case, we have started to unpack boxes. We have even hung the curtains in the living room.

    It's progress.


    Aug. 28th, 2015 11:19 pm
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    Well, more or less.

    The last coat of polyurethane went down in the back room today. Tomorrow morning, they will come back and put all of the furniture back in place. Then we get to start unpacking.

    There will be a lot of unpacking. :)

    And then we will be done.
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    It took a bit of doing, but I am back in the office upstairs with everything wired in -- except for the home phone, which I forgot in the basement and can be easily retrieved later. All of the rooms upstairs have been more or less put back together. I still need to move and wire the bedroom computers, but that is going to wait until tomorrow, as I have tickets for the Billy Joel concert tonight down at Wrigley Field.

    (Yes, I cleverly managed to buy one ticket for tonight's concert on our anniversary. Gretchen has approved of this, as she would rather be at home than have me drag her to the concert. :) Also, we went out for a nice lunch today...)

    The floors are looking much better. Sanding is now underway in the dining room, library, and connecting hallway. When that's done, all that's left is the family room through kitchen section in the back of the house and our long national nightmare will be over. :)
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    As of today, I have been married to the lovely [ profile] daisy_knotwise for 21 years.

    If we survive the home renovation project, we should be good for at least 21 more. :)

    I love you, Gretchen.
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    We should be able to move back upstairs tomorrow.

    And there was much rejoicing.

    The whole process (not the actual sanding by the guys who are here and doing a fine job) has left everyone pretty ragged and on edge.


    Aug. 25th, 2015 07:11 pm
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    Two days into the project and the living room is looking good. Not done, as more coats are needed, but it's progress.



    Aug. 25th, 2015 03:18 pm
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    The sanding appears to be going well -- they sanded the living room this morning and I no longer see the water stains from the Christmas tree stand. I'm assuming that polyurethane is going down on the 2.5 rooms that are sanded upstairs.

    Change, however, is not Julie's friend. Yesterday, Gretchen took her to the hair cutters because she had complained of her bangs being too long. Sadly, she did not want any of her other hair trimmed, but that was what was done, because paying for a full haircut to have her bangs trimmed seemed like a bad idea.

    Julie was not in any way happy about this. The unhappiness continued into this morning. I am dearly hoping that it will have abated when I pick her up from school.

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    I slept really badly last night, not because today was the first day of school for Katie and Julie, but because the folks sanding our floors were due to arrive today and I still hadn't dismantled the computers upstairs. (Well, I'd moved the work computer to the basement, but nothing was hooked up.) The result is that I'm pretty much exhausted today.

    On the other hand, the guys sanding the floors have shown up and the amount of dust that has been scattered about the front of the house and the amount of noise coming from upstairs suggests that progress is being made. I poked my head through the plastic tarp a few minutes ago and the sanding of the staircase seems to have proceeded at frightening speed. :)

    Our bed is in the family room. The girls are going to be sleeping in the library. Their bunk bed has been disassembled and is hiding in the guest bedroom, along with the rest of the furniture from their room and some of the furniture from our bedroom and/or the office, I think.

    And the big ginormous desk has been pushed to one side of the office, as it doesn't actually go in and out of the door in any sane fashion.

    Oh. And I disassembled the computers and brought them down to the kitchen table.

    Now I just need to wire them back up...


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