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Gretchen had her colonoscopy today. Everything looks fine, although they're doing some more tests to try to figure out the source of her intestinal distress of recent weeks. She's due back in five years.

So, good news!
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It appears that the Cubs have gotten Gretchen a National League pennant for her birthday. I only bought her dinner. Well, and a new camera.
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Thanks for all the lovely anniversary wishes!

I took Katie and Julie down to Joliet for Gabriel's birthday party. A great deal of fun was had by all, especially on the go-karts. :) We then adjourned for ice cream and shortly thereafter headed home. The rain earlier in the day had made the softball field unplayable, so the girls' game tonight was canceled, which took a lot of time pressure off.

It being our anniversary, I suggested that the appropriate destination for dinner would be Perry's Pizza, Gretchen's pizzeria of her youth and a place that we had ordered a great deal of pizza from after we met. This worked out well.

Because some things work out OK in the end. :)

22 Years

Aug. 27th, 2016 10:47 am
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22 years ago today, Gretchen and I were married.

My plans for the day have been altered by a variety of things (good things, just altered), but that's OK.

I love you, Gretchen
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Today is [ profile] daisy_knotwise's birthday.

In an effort to maximize the amount of chaos associated with same, Julie has been picked up from school because she was sick.

I love you, Gretchen.
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As of today, I have been married to the lovely [ profile] daisy_knotwise for 21 years.

If we survive the home renovation project, we should be good for at least 21 more. :)

I love you, Gretchen.
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[ profile] daisy_knotwise has strep again. Dr. Bob was good enough to call in a prescription yesterday for a Z-Pak in an attempt to knock the thing out and Gretchen is slowly starting to improve after having spent most of the last day and a half in her recliner chair. In any case, she is very tired of having strep.

The upshot of this was that I volunteered to take Katie and Julie to their swimming lesson this morning. Since the temperature outside was 59 degrees, I was not greatly surprised to arrive at a pool that was thoroughly closed and locked shut. Thus, we came home and little girls fell into a Minecraft frenzy.

Later, I ran out to McDonald's to pick up lunch for Gretchen, Katie, and Julie; then on to Five Guys and a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up some replacement switch covers. Had I but realized that I would be going there again today...

The guy arrived to look at the attic fan that we'd had installed a few years ago and pronounced it most likely dead. Although it's under warranty, the process of getting the warranty honored is going to cost far more in stomach lining than it's worth. Also, the guy is coming back tomorrow to install a replacement fan, so it's important to actually have the fan when he gets here.

Well, I'd gotten the original at Home Depot. I could certainly get another one. So after consulting with Gretchen, we piled into the van and started north to Home Depot, intending to continue on to Old Country Buffet for dinner where I could bring Gretchen soup and things like that.

The plan collapsed about three minutes after we left home when Gretchen suddenly realized that Julie had tumbling tonight. There was just enough time to go to Home Depot and get the fan. Then I dropped off Katie and Gretchen and took Julie to her tumbling class.

And while she was tumbling, I walked around the park playing Ingress and racked up another 40K AP, which puts me over halfway to level 7. Afterwards, I picked up the rest of the family and we went over to Sweet Baby Ray's for dinner.

Now, it is finally time for bed. :)


Jan. 22nd, 2015 11:18 pm
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I missed last year's Billy Joel concert at Wrigley Field, because I was at Detcon. When the Cubs announced their pre-sale for tickets for another Billy Joel concert this year, I asked [ profile] daisy_knotwise if she wanted to go and, if not, if it was ok if I went by myself. Gretchen would rather not deal with the crowd, so was happy to let me go by myself.

When the pre-sale opened at 10 AM this morning, we were busy trying to help Julie extract a very loose tooth that needed to come out before she went to school. So I ran in, ordered and paid for the tickets, and went back to tooth extraction.

It was somewhat later, after Gretchen had left to run an errand that I realized that the concert was on August 27th.

That would be our anniversary.

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It appears that the problem with [ profile] daisy_knotwise's computer that I thought I had fixed the other day persists. However, I now have a much better diagnosis.

The problem is that when the computer goes to sleep, it does not wake up properly. It starts to come out of sleep and then hangs, sending no signal to the monitor.

I've hunted on line and discovered that many people have had this problem with Windows Vista (and other Windows versions), but solutions appear to be mostly voodoo. One suggestion was related to video drivers -- I've updated them to the latest version, but that didn't help.

I will probably continue messing around with this at some point, but -- for now! -- I've just told the computer not to go into sleep mode.

In completely different news, it will be interesting to see how long it takes Katie and Julie to go into sleep mode tonight.

I predict that they will not hang in the morning when coming out of sleep mode.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
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The weather forecast for today was for continued dreary. This was not to [ profile] daisy_knotwise's advantage, as she has a fair bit of seasonal affective disorder and it has been gray and dreary for much too long now.

The phone rang early this morning. It was my dentist's office returning my call from the previous day when I'd left a message asking "Didn't we miss a cleaning?" Yes, yes, we had, and if I could get there at 10 AM, we could have one today. This sounded like a good choice, so I hustled into the shower, intent upon stopping at T-Bob's for breakfast on the way.

I stepped outside and the sun was shining brightly. This was unexpected and -- according to the bit I'd heard on the radio that morning -- unlikely to last long. So I ducked back in and shouted up the stairs, "Go stand in the parking lot!"

This is what a long-ago boss of Gretchen's told her after a similarly dreary stretch of days when the sun finally came out. As I pulled out in the car, the bedroom shade had been pulled open and the sunlight was streaming into the house.

As it turned out, the forecast had been completely in error and we had sunshine all day.

Gretchen is in a much better mood now. :)

However, her computer has decided to fail again. I think I may be making a trip down to MicroCenter for Boxing Day. *sigh*
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[ profile] daisy_knotwise reported last night that the assorted girls who had been playing with the computers in our bedroom had left hers in a state where it was not talking to the monitor. It was about time to go to bed, so I checked the connections (which Gretchen had done earlier, but you check these things anyway), determined that the machine didn't seem to be booting up, and agreed with Gretchen that I'd look at it today after we watched some TV and got some sleep.

Well, I didn't get to sleep right away, but I spent some time on the MicroCenter website and determined that, if push came to shove, I could get some sort of reasonable replacement box for $200-$300 dollars. Since Gretchen's handling Capricon e-mail, getting her back on line quickly was going to be a good thing and it's not like she's using the box for high-end gaming. If it will read her e-mail, surf the web, and run WordPerfect, that will pretty much fit the bill.

This morning, I got showered and dressed and rolled a spare chair over next to the machine so that I had a workbench. I determined that no miracles had occurred during the previous night that would cause the machine to start working again, so I dropped it on the chair and popped the cover. First, I disconnected the power to the hard drive, in case that had prevented the boot somehow. (Moving parts have that nasty high failure rate.) The machine still powered up, but wouldn't boot.

A corrupt BIOS was another possibility. I spent a bit of time looking for a jumper on the motherboard to clear the BIOS, but didn't find one, so I put that strategy aside for a bit.

Let's check the RAM. I pulled the two memory sticks out and started up the machine again.


Ok, it knows it doesn't have any RAM. I couldn't power it off from the button on the front, so I just pulled the plug. Then I plugged the two sticks of RAM back into their sockets, making sure they were nice and tight.

Start computer again. Look! It's the boot screen. But there's nothing to boot from, because I disconnected the hard drive.

Power down, reconnect the power to the drive, power up again.

And up came the computer.


I had noted the manufacture date for the machine while I was moving it around: February, 2009. We'd gotten this box because Gretchen insisted on having her own computer that she would have access to if I was going to be working at home.

After nearly six years, I suppose I can't complain about having to reseat the RAM. :)
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One of the things that surfaced when I was cleaning my office is the small RC helicopter that I got a few years ago. Katie and Julie were anxious to fly the helicopter, but I (accurately) informed them that we needed to clean up the floor in the family room so that we actually had somewhere that the helicopter could take off from and land on safely. The helicopter itself is relatively sturdy, but the blades are fairly easy to break off and I don't have replacements right now. (Although I did just order a fresh set off of Amazon.)

The result of this was that the girls picked up almost everything on the floor and we have spent some time learning how not to crash the helicopter -- or fly it into the television!

This all served us in good stead this evening. Normally, we would be deeply enmeshed in cleaning up the house in preparation for the arrival of the cleaning lady tomorrow. But much of the effort is spent cleaning up the floor, which is mostly clean, other than the small pile of debris I swept up from all of the downstairs rooms. And since [ profile] daisy_knotwise's back imploded again last night causing her to get little, if any, effective sleep, she has crawled off into bed to try to recover.

Or as she said, "Every part of my body hurts."

Yeah, that doesn't surprise me.

With luck, she'll feel better in the morning.
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There is nothing like a deadline to spur me into action. In this case, [ profile] daisy_knotwise and I now have a song for the OVFF Songwriting Contest that we finished writing last night.

The fact that it was Gretchen's birthday and writing a new duet was probably the thing that she wanted most for her birthday did not hurt at all. :)
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Today is [ profile] daisy_knotwise's birthday. Sadly, I have meetings in the Loop today, so I had to leave before she was awake. But I trust that by now she has received birthday cards from Katie and Julie (and maybe other things -- I never know what to expect on that front).

Happy birthday, love.
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One of the things that happened during the weeks that we were busy being sick around here was really nice.

[ profile] daisy_knotwise and I were nominated for a Pegasus award for Best Classic Filksong for Apology.

Thanks to everyone who thought of us! (Because, you know, I don't think you ever get too old for positive reinforcement. Or as Gretchen frequently reminds me, "We should write another duet." Well, yes. Yes, we should...)
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Thanks to everyone for the lovely anniversary wishes!

I am getting asymptotically closer to being rid of this bronchitis. Soon, I may have my voice back.

Julie has taken her two most recent pills without incident, although [ profile] daisy_knotwise has been required to get the capsule wet to soften the end and then flatten the ends of the capsule to make it "smaller" before Julie will swallow it. This is another Small Child Mystery (TM).

Katie is offended because she lost a point today at school for not returning her homework which Gretchen took out of the school folder by mistake, thinking it was being returned to us. Gretchen plans to drop a note to Katie's teacher to let her know that it was not Katie's mistake. :)

Katie is reading every night as part of her homework. She's required to read for 15 minutes and I have installed a giant stopwatch on her tablet so that she can tell when 15 minutes is up. I think she just likes the giant stopwatch.

The tablets continue to be the most popular of the gifts from last Christmas. Well, I guess I got that one right. :)

20 Years

Aug. 27th, 2014 12:15 pm
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As of today, I have been married to the lovely [ profile] daisy_knotwise for 20 years.

We're a bit surprised by the size of that number, because it doesn't seem nearly so long ago. :)
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After we got the kids off to school, [ profile] daisy_knotwise took the van over to the dealership to get the transmission reprogrammed under a recall. They also did the recall adjustment for the sliding doors. Then she came home and we went out for a nice birthday lunch.

I picked up Katie and Julie from school and took them over to the Jewel where we acquired birthday cards, a balloon, a chocolate cake, and some candles. Then it was home to present these things to Gretchen for her birthday. Rather than setting the whole cake on fire (see Murphy's Romance for the reference), I decided to handle it in binary, since it still fits conveniently in six bits. So all six candles were lit, but four were up and two were down.

For dinner, we went out to Sweet Tomatoes, which turned out to be an excellent choice since they have the cream of mushroom soup -- one of Gretchen's favorites -- all week.

Then it was home, some TV with the girls, and off to bed.

That'll work. :)
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Happy birthday, [ profile] daisy_knotwise!

And I am very happy to get to share it with you.
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It was 19 years ago today that [ profile] daisy_knotwise and I finally got married.

Well, to each other. We'd both managed to get married before that, but not to the right people.

At 19 years, it's still so far, so good. :)

(Side note: And apparently, I am celebrating the 19th anniversary of the sulfite attack that I got at the Worldcon in Winnipeg, although we had no idea at the time what the problem was. Gretchen opined that I was just allergic to marriage.

No, dear. Just to sulfites...)


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