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And we're back from Capricon after a nice dinner with assorted Midkiffs and Romans.

Ruby is very happy to see us.
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Last night, I dreamed that I had completely spaced Saturday's SpaceTime Theater show at Capricon and failed to show up for it. *sigh*

Too much to do, not enough time to do it. :)

See you at the con!


Feb. 16th, 2017 12:15 pm
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The van is packed up and ready to go to Capricon. We're not ready, but that's a different problem altogether.

Having succeeded in reordering from most of our suppliers, we have more CDs than we have had in quite a while. This includes [ profile] quadrivium's Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour and two new albums from Heather Dale, Spark and Queens of Avalon with S.J. Tucker and the matching DVD for the latter. (Matching the CD, not Sooj. :) )

Now, if I can just get done with work...
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The train labeled "Capricon" is on the tracks and moving steadily toward the station. It looks like everyone and everything that needs to be on board is, at least as of this afternoon's meeting.

Meanwhile, Julie is feeling better, but her throat is still sore. With luck, she'll be much better tomorrow.
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Katie and Julie managed to distinguish themselves this morning, to the point where I went in and turned on the parental controls for Windows 10 to limit their screen time. Sadly, the Windows 10 parental controls were designed by idiots, because they don't manage a situation where multiple computers are in play correctly; there are apparently other actual bugs in the implementation. Blort.

The first Capricon meeting was today. Debbie came up for it and stopped on the way home to meet Ruby, who rather likes Debbie. :) And we picked up several tips from Debbie that I hope will reduce the amount of nipping that Ruby does at Gretchen.
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The problem started when I got an irritation in one nostril around 4:30 AM. This resulted in a lot of sneezing and blowing of my nose that woke Gretchen. Eventually, I gave in and took an Actifed which dried things up enough that I eventually got back to sleep, but now Gretchen was awake waiting for either Julie to come in or Ruby to wake up.

And eventually Ruby woke up, so Gretchen went downstairs to sit with her at an hour earlier than she would otherwise have had in mind, but she was awake anyway, so...

I finally crawled out of bed half an hour later than I'd intended, which used up the time that I'd planned to spend running by the bank and making a deposit, so instead I headed off to the Capricon meeting to close out the previous year's con. This kept me busy for a couple of hours by the time I finished talking to everyone, which meant that Katie was already off to her Girl Scout outing. I called Gretchen and arranged to bring food home, stopping by Superdawg on the way. This was followed by a trip to Sam's Club to cash our rebate check and pick up stuff for dinner, both of which took way longer than they should have (in the latter case, because the checker forgot to ring up $1.39 worth of bananas which resulted in my being stuck in a line at Customer Service until the fellow at the door who had originally stopped me finally took mercy on me and logged it as an error so I could leave). But that meant that Katie now needed to be picked up from Girl Scouts, so I stopped home to drop off the food that was sitting in her seat in the back seat, picked up Katie, and went off to the grocery store to pick up the rest of dinner, accompanied by a fairly constant whine requesting something sweet which I was eventually conned into.

Bonnie and Sam came over to watch the recording of the SpaceTime show at Capricon, which had gone well and held up to our viewing. By the time they left, it was after 9 PM and time to start trying to get everyone settled.

By the time I got to the girls' bedroom, Katie had already fallen asleep reading. I was not far behind, as I read a chapter of her book to Julie. And now Gretchen is singing to Julie.

We are all very tired. :)
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The good news was that Katie sold a great many boxes of Girl Scout cookies. This meant that I spent a lot of time traveling up and down Wolf Road on Saturday, as I picked up the original cookie order and a restock.

The bad news was that the Dodeka sales were not so good. We didn't manage to sell as much as we do at Confusion which is both smaller and in Michigan, where the economy is still more than a bit depressed. But we'll survive -- it's not like we make our living from this.

The good news was that the SpaceTime Theater show went really well. Having all four of the girls participating was good for the energy level. And we got a lot of nice compliments on the girls' performances and the show overall.

And I had a wonderful time in my concert with Amy on Friday.

Folks seemed to have a good time at the con in general. I know of no major disasters, which is always a good thing. :)
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We got home very late from Capricon for a variety of reasons, then had to turn around after unloading the car to go down to Lombard and pick up Ruby.

When we got home, there was much excitement as the puppy explored and chased little girls around the house.

Everyone (including Ruby) is going to bed now. I am sure there will be more excitement in the morning.

(I have one picture of Ruby so far, but it is not exactly suitable for posting due to the initial difficulty of shooting a picture of a small black dog in the dark. :) )
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SpaceTime Theater show here at Capricon in an hour. Come catch us if you have the chance.
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I will shortly be on my way up to Capricon.

I've got a concert there at 3:15 PM in the Cafe with Amy McNally. (Yay, Amy!) Hope to see you there!
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That is to say, everything is happening at once.

Capricon starts tomorrow. Eek!

See some of you there!


Dec. 13th, 2015 10:32 pm
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We had a Capricon meeting today that started at 9 AM for the purposes of working on Programming. I am really tired... :)

Date Check

Dec. 11th, 2015 10:02 pm
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Another failure of memory fixed by reference to email. I need to get up early for the Capricon meeting on Sunday, not Saturday. Duh.
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So I stopped on the way to the Capricon meeting today and spent fifteen minutes or so running a simple Ingress mission in a nearby park. As it happened, when I finished, I discovered that I still had portal keys to the pool a couple of blocks away on the other side of the street from when I watched Katie and Julie at their swimming lessons there, so I tossed enough small fields to push myself over 800K, which puts me a third of the way to level 8, which is when you get the biggest and best toys to play with.

I called [ profile] tollers on the way to the meeting to see if she had anything to report. (Answer: no. We're in the slow part of the filk cycle for Cap.) So we did a bit of Ingress chatting. And after the meeting, I got to talk to a couple more folks on the Cap committee who are playing Ingress and compare notes.

If the weather weren't so abominably hot, I'd take Katie out to do some hacking, but I think this will wait until it's at least a bit cooler.
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Today was the first Capricon meeting for 2016, which is just a little bit horrifying, because I have not quite finished our taxes for 2015 yet. But it was a good and productive meeting. :)

Julie's tum is still a bit off, but we think she'll be able to go to school tomorrow.

And I've started posting Cubs tickets on StubHub, because there's a limit to how much pasteboard I feel like eating...
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The last Capricon meeting for this year's convention was today. A great many Girl Scout cookies were delivered.

Julie was rather bored sitting through the meeting and we eventually agreed that she could have some of cookies from a leftover box of Samoas that we paid for. She proceeded to eat half the box in the car on the way home, along with the ice cream that we bought both girls as a treat.

For dinner, both girls had Lunchables. (Gretchen and I had frozen chicken pot pies and a small salad. It had been that sort of day.) Later, we had frozen lava cakes (nicely thawed in the oven) for dessert.

This was followed by Katie grabbing another Lunchable from the refrigerator, discarding the cheese and crackers in the trash and proceeding to eat the turkey and Oreos.

At this point, the riot act was read. I carefully explained that if Katie did not want to eat the whole Lunchable, that she had no business getting a Lunchable at all and that we could stop buying them.

Much remorse followed.

Some of this nonsense is going to stop.

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We're home from Capricon. Well, we've been home for some hours now, but I'm just about to put Julie to bed, so I figured I'd post. (Katie, who like her sister does not have school until Wednesday, is stubbornly resistant to going to bed. :) )

The con went well. Sales were not stellar, but were also not terrible.

And the music was just damned fine. :)
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Helping run sound for Cheshire Moon. So far, so good.
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Well, the parking lot at the Westin North Shore is in fairly good shape, but it was way overfull last night. As a result, I've decided to help out the problem by leaving my car at home. [ profile] daisy_knotwise will drop me there to open the Dodeka table shortly and then head back home to wait for Katie and Julie to get out of school before proceeding north.

See some of you at Capricon!
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I ran up to the Westin North Shore this morning to help [ profile] daisy_knotwise unload the Dodeka table into the Dealers Room for Capricon. Setup is proceeding apace, while I've headed home to get some more work done. I am happy to report that the state of the parking lot is good, given the amount of snow that we received recently. There are piles of snow, but the parking spaces are generally clear and dry.

Thus, you have no excuse not to come. :)


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