Feb. 26th, 2017

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Some days, you get things done in dribs and drabs.

We swept up the generalized debris from the floor, as Katie had friends coming over to rehearse for the talent show and it was best that they not step on anything that Ruby the Dog had reduced to rubble.

I extracted a globe from one of the two remaining medium boxes in the library and we ended up putting it where a bottle brush plant had died. It looks better than the dead plant. :)

Gretchen and I sorted out a bunch of stuff on the kitchen table. This doesn't seem like much if you haven't seen our kitchen table, which is where all things in the house go to disappear. And I skimmed through the pile of newspapers that had been on the table, which means that we have kennel fodder for some time to come.

And we pulled all the known Dodeka invoices and wrote checks to pay them. (Well, save for one that needs to go out via PayPal where I need to check the address.)

The stuff that was supposed to go to the basement has yet to make it to the basement, but it'll do for today. :)


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